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Cell Line Development - Rodon Biologics

Cell Line Development

Rodon has extensive experience with both microbial (E. coli, yeast) and mammalian cell culture derived proteins. Using our proprietary and in-licensed technology for expression proteins are rapidly screened in different constructs, to identify the most suitable system, using tightly-regulated inducible promoters for microbial cells. In mammalian cells Rodon provide rapid cell line generation using CHO platforms.

Cell line development based on a simple workflow which allows obtaining a high-producing single cell clone in 16-20 weeks. Moreover, once a high producing pool is generated, the quality of the material is evaluated and it can be used to produce gram-per-liter quantities of material in 9-12 weeks. The selection strategy has been designed to identify cell lines that are highly productive and have the ability to grow well in suspension culture in a fed-batch fermentation process.

The stability of the stable clone is evaluated to guarantee that after several passages their ability to express the protein is maintained. We have found that using this technology, even after 60 generations, the expression level of the stable clone is comparable to the earlier generations.

Our services include:
• Plasmid construction with the gene of interest
• Cell transfection with antibiotic selection
• Pool selection and amplification (cell banking)
• Establish clonal CHO cell lines with documented evidence of clonality
• Establish research cell banks (RCB) and study their stability (up to 6 generations without selection)
• Execute and develop thorough analytics and specific assay development support

We Offer More

Looking for additional services? We offer even more services than listed, contact us to find out how we can assist you. Using latest advances in Protein Technologies Rodon Biologics strives to provide the highest quality custom protein services in the industry. We work closely with you, analyze your project at the planning stage and take several approaches to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

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