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Protein Engineering - Rodon Biologics

Protein Engineering

Protein engineering aims obtaining improved molecules to enhance the clinical efficiency, manufacturability and reduce the immunogenicity of a promising clinic candidate. This is achieved by recombinant DNA technology to change their amino acid sequences.

We offer a range of standard and custom packages, with different volumes and from a few milligrams to tens.

Our services include isotype switching, humanisation and manufacturing of fragment and multispecific antibodies formats.

This next generation of antibody formats provide products with new mechanisms of action which may result in broader and new indications, higher efficiency and safety for therapeutic use.

Based on rational design, our services intend to improve protein stability, affinity kinetics, solubility, manufacturability, and activity.

We offer a complete portfolio of protein engineering related services such as DNA sequence design, high-throughput protein expression and purification and appropriate functional assays.

Thanks to our antibody engineering platform, we can produce and purify antibody fragments such as Fv (scFv), Fab or Fab2.

The complexity of new antibody based format can create manufacturability and product quality challenges. Due to our experience, expertise and flexibility with multivalent antibodies and complex recombinant proteins, the protein engineering programmes are designed from a manufacturability standpoint and are performed based on our production platform. 

We Offer More

Looking for additional services? We offer even more services than listed, contact us to find out how we can assist you. Using latest advances in Protein Technologies Rodon Biologics strives to provide the highest quality custom protein services in the industry. We work closely with you, analyze your project at the planning stage and take several approaches to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

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